About Lenka Bar

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Our promise to you is to make the most fun and delicious granola bars on the market. HOW? We hand-make bars daily using simple, quality, Lenka-selected ingredients. Who does that anymore? WE DO!

At our family owned small business, we are passionate about our product and proud to serve our rapidly growing community of Lenka Bar enthusiasts!  Whether you are on a walk, running to a meeting, or sitting down to a healthy breakfast, we hope you enjoy the HANDMADE JOY in every bite. Send us an email with your thoughts and don't forget to like us on social media.

Happy snacking!

Customer Feedback

Simply the best granola bar I have EVER tasted. A sincere thank you for your dedication to using quality ingredients while not sacrificing taste. Simply Brilliant.
— Tyrone
I wanted to let you know that I picked up an Omega bar last week and just got a chance to eat it. OMG! It was sooo good. Loved it. I’m going to get a stash for when I am too short on time to make breakfast.
— Sherrie
Love your bars.
— Peter
Very impressed. Excellent taste and quality. I will certainly buy again.
— Edward
Lenka Bars are THE BEST granola bars I’ve ever eaten. I find myself craving them often, and running late to work just so I can stop and pick one up in the morning! Thank you for such a fabulous, healthy product.
— April
I am always eating various granola and energy bars. This was by far the tastiest granola bar ever!!!! Thanks for making such a great product.
— Arlo